About Us

Our Principles

Manage with Autonomy: The day Saudi Technical decided to renew its management structure, it gave autonomy to project managers and site engineers to make the necessary decisions to execute projects to specifications, on time and within budget. Full client satisfaction is a result of this autonomy.

Focus on Quality: What does “quality” mean? the definition may differ depending on who is defining it. Saudi Technical defines “quality” as doing it right the first time. Under the company’s Continuous Improvement Program, workers constantly train by group to ensure that they will continue to do their job properly and deliver high quality. Our QC/QA Engineers are also deployed in each and every project to double-check the job being done.

Listen to the client: Saudi Technical firmly believes that the key for a successful project is a good relationship with the client. The client’s comments and suggestions are always most welcomed and acted upon. Saudi Technical believes client comments make contributes to a better well positioned STL.

Build on advantage: Creativity and innovation will be the intellectual capital of the 21st century. Saudi Technical continues to invest in technology, quality of service and design. By building on these elements, our key strength, we strive to deliver World-Class service.

Anticipate the future: In the world of continuous change, past performance can no longer predict the future. The company is constantly reassessing its operations to shed old practices and methods to anticipate the future needs of its clients.


Implementing technological leadership

Implement our technological leadership, hard earned know how and impeccable track record in our target market sectors to foster success and profitability thus achieving a win-win relationship with all our business partners.

Applying the best business practices

Apply the best business practices with high emphasis on : innovation, quality, safety, integrity and operational excellence to provide us with a competitive advantage in our relentless pursuit of client satisfaction.

Maintaining position as an Employer

Maintain our position as an equal opportunity employer of choice attracting the best talent by providing career development prospects, competitive rewards and long term job security, thereby reflecting the high values we place on work excellence, professional achievement, social responsibility and global diversity.

Taking full of responsibility

We take full responsibility for the impact of our operations on the environment and society.

To become a leader in global company

To become a leading global company in our target market sectors with the power and resilience to respond to varying market demands

Long term business planning

Focusing our efforts on long-term business planning.

Dependable Services

Providing dependable services and forging lasting strategic alliances.

Utilizing a sustainable resources

Utilizing sustainable resources to ensure continued growth and prosperity for both ourselves and our clients.