King Abdullah University of Science & Technology


COMOR-1010 – 2,500 m2 Project Area
COMOR-1020 – 7,200 m2 Project Area
COMOR-1030 – 350 m2 Project Area

These buildings were constructed by another contractor but were not completed. We were requested to complete all pending works and close all EIL’s issued by the client. The works included but limited to:

Civil: Earth work, Concrete , Partitions , Foundations , Grout , waterproofing, trenches.
Architectural: Windows , Doors , Cladding , Gypsum Board, Painting , Curtains , Furniture , False Ceiling.
Electrical: Power , Lighting, Lighting Control , Fire alarm, Security CCTV, Access Control , Communication system, Audi Visual , BAS & power monitoring system.
Mechanical: HVAC Duct, Chilled Water , Plumbing , Fire Fighting including Equipment (AHUs, MAUs, Exhaust Fans, Pumps, ACCUs, Dampers, etc.)


  • Project Name: KAUST MARINE OCEANIC RESEARCH CENTER MR-1010 & 1020, and KAUST Research Park Innovation Cluster RPIC-1010, 1020 & 1030
  • Client: SAUDI ARAMCO
  • Period: June 2012 to June 2013
Criminal Court, Riyadh
STC Data Center
Saudi Technical Limited